What is the Best Fish For 5 Gallon Tank?

So, you want to know what is the best fish for 5 Gallon tank?

There are many actually.

It is natural for the beginners, to get confused about keeping fishes in a small tank like a 5 Gallon aquarium. But trust me with the correct strategy you can keep some of the top fishes in your tank.

By creating the suitable environment, you can keep some really colorful aquatic lives inside your 5 Gallon tank.

Here is a list of those fishes that will be appropriate for your tank.

    1. Betta Fish:

Siamese fighting fish or betta fish is the most wonderful looking creatures that you can keep in your tank. Frankly, speaking this is the best fish for 5 Gallon tank.

This fish is not at all bothered about swimming space and will easily adjust with your small tank. However, it is preferable not to keep this fish in an open tank as it may jump. So use a tightly closed lid for your tank.

Another important thing is to keep the water well filtered and heated so that this fish can thrive well.

These fish can stay alone in the tank but do not forget to keep hiding places as whenever you introduce a new member in the tank, it can get enough chance to minimize its stress and habituate with the new fish.

    2. Endler’s Livebearer:

These fishes are really tiny in shapes so you can keep 4 – 5 males in your 5 Gallon tank. keeping more than that will create a problem for your fishes.

Also, do not keep females as they are prolific breeders and soon you will need another breeding tank.

Other than that the females are bigger than males so you will need larger space. You can also keep these fishes in a planted tank, as it will help them to hide and play hard.

If you want to keep more than one fish, then this is the best fish for 5 Gallon tank, as stocking the tank with 4 – 5 male Edler’s Livebearers will be effortless to keep and maintain also.

    3. Dwarf Puffer:

To pet a dwarf puffer fish, you will need a fish tank at least 6 months old as this fish is very much sensitive to water quality changes. So one can say that this is not the best fish for 5 Gallon tank if maintained by a starter.

But if you have enough experience in fish keeping and want this tiny fish to swim in your tank then you can keep it easily.

No need of keeping this fish in groups as dwarf puffers are not community fishes. However, it highly prefers planted tank or a tank with endless hiding places as this species is often said to be very curious in nature.

Wrap Up:

Other than fishes you can also keep small invertebrates, like cherry red shrimp, ghost shrimp, crystal red shrimp, Apple Snail, SpixiSnail etc. But if you want to keep a single fish, then a goldfish can also be the best fish for 5 Gallon tank.